Our goal is for 1 million people to get on board a Flotespace boat.


Hugh Treseder has spent most of his working life around boats and the water. Having seen how many boats sit unused in marinas all over the world, and knowing how many people would love to experience a day or night on board, he founded Flotespace, an online service that enabled boat owners to generate easy income from their amazing, unused boats.

Flotespace started out offering these boats online as unique accommodation, which appealed to the "glamping" market while enabling boat owners to literally earn money in their sleep.

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“Our aim is to give everyone the opportunity to build a life of incredible moments on the water.”

– Hugh Treseder, Flotespace Founder


It soon became clear there was a much larger opportunity waiting for Hugh and Flotespace. What began as a casual coffee with some like-minded entrepreneurs, eventually led to Flotespace acquiring Boata, an exciting charter boat startup based in Australia.

Taking this big step resulted in an expanded service offering that enables anyone to book a boat for their next celebration, event or escape, and create incredible memories on the water with their friends, family and colleagues.

Today, the Flotespace team is now driven by a huge, audacious vision – for 1 million people to get on board a Flotespace boat.


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