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MV Elizabeth Anne

From $767 / hour Up to 40 guests Melbourne , Victoria , Australia

From $767 / hour

Up to 40 guests

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The Elizabeth Anne is a beautifully maintained timber vessel, built in 1946. Almost 60 years after she was first commissioned, the Elizabeth Anne is once again gracing the waterways. The riverboat has received a total refurbishment to become Melbourne’s most majestic boat on the Yarra. The riverboat has ferried many visiting royalty . In 1956 she ferried the Duke of Edinburgh downstream to the MCG, while years later the visiting of Queen Elizabeth II to Melbourne certainly earned her the right to be called 'Royal Barge'. In 2003 Princess Mary boarded the Elizabeth Anne for a scenic cruise along the Yarra, captivating Melbournians. This stunning piece of history is a fabulous way to see Melbourne scenic waterway. M.V. Elizabeth Anne’s ferried passenger list includes celebrities, political figures, athletes, she even stepped into the fashion world, launching designer collections and dined international rock stars. Get on board today to experience this wonderful boat.





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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Melbourne attracts people from every corner of the globe and with good reason. Its streets are a mecca for great food, excellent coffee all wrapped into the culture capital of Australia. A must see for those wanting to see some artistic flare.

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