Best fishing charter boats in Sydney

Flotespace is run by passionate boaters and mad keen fishos’ so why not jump onboard one of our world class fishing charters to make that dream of landing the trophy catch, a reality. Our boats offer everything from simple family fun catching those delicious Flathead, Luderick and Tailor in stunning estuaries and inland waterways, right through to heading wide for some of the fastest most powerful fish in the ocean. Our experienced skippers know the waters like the back of their hands and pride themselves of locating elusive species such as Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Kingfish, Tuna and even the mighty Mako’s!

Lets us know what you are after so we can tailor the day to suit your needs. Rarely does a fisherman who books through Flotespace have to go home via the fish markets! 

Our range of vessels offer comfort and class all wrapped into one, with boats such as Edgewater, Riviera, Viking and Grady White all featuring. 

If you are visiting and want to take away a special video or album of your day, let the team know and we will arrange a bespoke album to be created so the memories can be relived for years to come. 

Whatever the fish, whatever the experience, the team at Flotespace have the guide and boat to make your dream come true. 


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🛥️ Featured Boats and Yachts

Here's some of our featured boats for fishing charters in Sydney. We have many more! Contact our team to organise the perfect day of fishing with you and your mates.


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