Romantic boat and yacht hire in Sydney Harbour

At Flotespace, we love to create, and we love to dream. We are also a group of old romantics and like nothing more than a good old love story.

Ok, so picture this; You are with your loved one and it’s a warm evening on the water. The boats sit and elegantly rocks on the water surrounded by that incredible glisten of the evening light. The skies have a soft glow and you are sat in the arms of your loved one. The boat drifts slowly through the water, you lie gazing sleepily up at the white clouds. Time stands still, just for a moment. Your moment. 

A bottle of wine on ice and music plays, mingled with the sound of the ocean. This is your time.

We create moments that can’t be recreated and that what makes us Flotespace. What ever you can dream, whatever you want your perfect moment to feel like, let us know and allow us to make it become a reality.

Some of our clients wrote to us and we wanted to share some ideas.

“A yacht moored in a bay under Taronga zoo in Sydney, waking to the animals was just incredible” – Charlotte and Steven, France

“We sailed down the harbour in Sydney and had a champagne picnic by the Opera House……there really is nothing like it” – Nigel and Sue, London

“To have a romantic dinner on this boat was amazing enough, but to sail at sunset drinking cocktails was the icing on the cake – thank you guys!” – Nathan and Bec, Sydney


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