🇬🇧 Overnight accommodation

Many of our boats are available for overnight accommodation. You can also stay on board a private boat in the UK with Flotespace! Visit our UK site to learn more.


Peer-to-peer boat accommodation

Flotespace offers unique accommodation and takes glamping to another level. Whether it be a quaint British canal boat gliding along the most picturesque waterways of the England or simply indulging on a yacht under the stars of the Australian sky, Flotespace have a boat to suit every situation. Did we mention scones with jam and cream as the birds tweet? 

Our team’s favourite would have to be moored up in a picturesque bay in one Australia hidden locations, under the stars sipping Champagne searching for the nest shooting star while lying on the deck. The sound of silence, fresh coffee at sunrise and a the “crickle crackle” of the bacon in the pan before welcoming the sunrise. 

Our boats offer a wide variety of indulgence from a fairy lit quaint cabin to a floating luxury apartment. There really is o better way to stay. When sat with loved ones with the place to yourself, it really is a memory of a lifetime.

Enquire today and ask about the exciting additions we can incorporate into your booking. Experiences, Seaplane rides and World class cuisine are just a few of the things we can include, to make your stay one your just won’t want to end. Speak to our passionate team today to create your getaway to rival all others. 


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